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Getting a coach that offers sustainable transport and maximum comfort is very possible. Travelling by road can be really tedious and stressful but with a coach, you’ll get to your destination in a relaxed and energetic state that keeps you in shape and active for whatever work or schedule ahead of you.

Why you should opt for a coach


Do you know coaches are tremendously eco-friendly? Well, yes they are!

They are suitable for about 18-56 passengers in one vehicle, thereby reducing the amount of carbon emission per passenger, unlike airplanes which emit a large amount of carbon in the atmosphere and trains which emit less.You don’t have to feel sorry about bringing a lot of stuff or worry about the fees you would be charged for extra luggage. It is well-equipped with large overhead and below-deck storage bays.

A first class treatment is certain! No extra money or going beyond your budget. With the regular amount you’ll get soft, plush seats and amazing legroom for you to stretch out. It’s large, the panoramic windows give you a better view of the outside surroundings hence. You’ll have the opportunity to view the sights and ride in ease as you approach your destination.

Unlike airplanes and trains that provide limited amenities and relaxation choices like controllable air-conditioning, WiFi, and movies, in a coach you can request a number of amenities to your preference such as DVD players, power outlets, flat-screen TVs, on-board toilets, reclining seats, and more.

Who can hire coaches?

Various organizations and even individuals hire coaches for different reasons;

– Event planners, couples, and other celebrants hire coaches to transport their guests with ease to and from event centres.
– Business organizations choose coaches over public transport because of the comfort, class and entertainment facilities they’re provided with.
– Sports teams also use coaches to keep their team together, be punctual, and inspired for the big match. They also prefer to travel by coach for out of town tournaments.
– Churches also provide their congregation members the coach for service projects, domestic mission trips, fellowship activities, and conferences.

What about coach hire wheelchair?

Wheelchair coaches are unique offers that can also be accessible. They have a lift that can contain 14 wheelchairs.

What facilities are included in a coach hire?

Almost all standard coach hires have

  • Reclining seats;
  • Air conditioning;
  • A toilet and washroom;
  • TV monitors;
  • A DVD player;
  • Seat belts.

There is also a choice to add wireless internet and power outlets to your rental in most current buses. Put a call through to the reservation to make sure your bus has the specific amenities you need.

This coach service is available in Amsterdam and Region Shiphol. Customers from South Holland can also receive these services.