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Sustainable transport

According to Fujio Cho, Honorary Chairman of Toyota Motors, “environmentally friendly cars will soon cease to be an option they will become a necessity”.

Moving from place to place is an action that we can’t do without as humans. There would always be a cause to transit from one part of the city to another, sometimes interstate, inter-country or inter-continent.

The art of creating a consistent and on the go transportation system which is ‘green’ and has low impact on the environment is what the whole concept of sustainable transport is hinged upon. It’s also about striking a balance between our current and future needs.

Sustainable transportation is the ability to serve the mobile needs of a society in a way that is the least harmful to the environment and doesn’t diminish the mobility needs of future generations like coach hire, cycling, transit, car sharing and green vehicles.

Why do we need sustainable transport?

The largest source of air pollution and greenhouse gas emission in the world is transportation. Their harmful effects are reduced by deciding to use sustainable transportation over cars.

Means of sustainable transport


Walking doesn’t only increase physical health but it also improves the health of your environment. Travelling by car makes one exposed to a high volume of pollutants in the air due to its closed environment.

Cycling is most of the time the fastest way to be mobile in urban areas, particularly during peak hours. Cyclists spend less time in traffic and experience little or no effect by air pollution.

A report shows that cycling in an urban environment exceeds the health benefits after 6 hours of cycling.

Public transport helps to reduce the pollution caused by cities greatly if millions of citizens use public transport. Recently, due to new technologies, for example the coach hire, it is possible to develop and manufacture vehicles that reduce environmental pollution.

Carpooling occurs when two or more people travel in the same car to lower the number of vehicles on the road. It’s an environmentally friendly way to be mobile.

Importance of Sustainable Transport

  • It reduces traffic overpopulation.
  • It reduces air pollution and related risks such as asthma.
  • It reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • It reduces dependence on non-renewable energy sources.
  • It reduces the cost of transportation.
  • It increases physical activity.
  • increases social interaction.
  • It spurs healthier lifestyles and a better quality of life.

In simple terms; using sustainable transport and mobility implies choosing a green and healthy future in our territories.