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Rent a minibus for up to 19 people?


Would you like to hire a minibus? Then you can do so at our coach company Coach Service Company, a fresh and young company, which focuses on passenger transport. A minibus is suitable for 16 to 19 persons. You can also rent a bigger coach with us. Besides minibuses we also rent out buses, which are suitable for 30, 50, 60 and a maximum of 90 persons. All our coaches are equipped with safety belts, air conditioning, toilet, TV and if you wish also wifi. Want to know more about renting a minibus and our other buses? Then read on.

What can you hire a minibus for?


You can hire a minibus from us for all kinds of purposes. What do we provide in a minibus?

  • School trips
  • Day trips
  • Multi-day trips
  • Schiphol tour
  • Shuttle services from a car park to an OV Hub
  • Hotel shuttles
  • Supply of personnel/artists
  • Arrival of visitors from abroad
  • Train replacement transport
  • Public transport support: you can hire a minibus or coach from us, lend a driver or choose to hire a bus with driver
  • Crew transport for airlines and shipping companies¬†
Is this list missing what you want to hire the minibus for? No problem. With us you can use mini bus hire for anything you want. For this, you can request a quote via the website.

Vehicles from 8 to 90 people available



A minibus is suitable for up to 19 people. Do you need transport for more people? Then you can also contact us. You can make unlimited use of coach hire with us. No matter how many people you want to use a luxury coach or coaches for, our coach company will arrange it for you. These are the coaches you can choose from:

  • Minibus: up to 19 persons
  • Midi coach: up to 30 persons
  • Standard coach: up to 50 or up to 60 persons
  • Double deck: up to 90 people
  • Wheelchair touring car: up to 14 wheelchairs
  • Party bus: Bus of any size, which is decorated with festive lights and equipped with a filled fridge with drinks and music of your choice.

Rent a coach? Request a quote


If you would like to hire a minibus or coach from us, you can request a quote from our coach company via the website. You tell us exactly how and what you want. Besides a standard luxury bus rental, you can also choose to rent a VIP bus. With this type of bus, you can book all kinds of extras as desired, such as luxury catering or hotel mediation. Coach hire and mini bus hire can be arranged completely according to your wishes. We arrange your travel the way you like it best and wish you a good trip.